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World Malayalee Council
Formed on July 3, 1995 in New Jersey, USA.
>WMC was formed to network Malayalees around the world>The mission of WMC is to create a global Malayalee community able to communicate and cooperate each other and continue the connection through generations thus maintaining the Malayalee identity for years to come.>WMC is a movement of Malayalees propagating change in the attitude of a Malayalee to make them better human beings and demand the members to undergo the following five way tests.            1. Are you willing to help others
      2. Are you concerned about the poor and the needy
      3. Are you straight forward and trustworthy
      4. Are you fair and impartial
      5. Will you build friendship and good will
WMC - Dallas Province News ......

WMC Dallas Family night and dinner is on April 21st 2007. WMC Dallas province executive committee extends our invitation to you and your family to join us for dinner and cultural programs.  

Venue: St. Paul’s Marthoma Church Auditorium,
 2425 Gus Thomasson Rd, 
Mesquite, TX-75150
Date: Saturday, April 21st, 2007 at 6:00pm
See you all with your family at this function.  
Best Regards,
Pramod Nair          Aliaskutty Pathros
President                                  Secretary
To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Kerala Piravi 
WMC Dallas Province sponsored 50 students in Kerala in 2006 

>>>>WMC Dallas 7th Anniversary Celebration and Dinner to held on February 25th 2006 at St. Paul’s Church Auditorium...

Hridaya Ragam - 2006 : Free Paediatric Heart Surgeries on infants and small children
A major project is being undertaken by WMC Chennai Province to perform 50 (Totally Free) paediatric Heart Surgeries on infants and small children belonging to the poor section of society at a cost of Rs50 Lakhs.

A musical Star Nite is being held in Chennai on 25 Feb 2006

>>>> WMC Dallas Province E- group formed at . If you want to be a member please log in or send an e-mail to  

>>>>Tsunami Update - Inauguration Ceremony - Community Hall built by WMC for the people of Ayiramthenghu-quilon Distt held on 16 Dec 05. Cine Artist Dileep was the chief guest for the program which was attended by a gathering of more than 3000 people

Welcome To Dallas

Together we can make it Happen....

WMC is a movement of Malayalees propagating change in the attitude of a Malayalee to make them better human beings

If you are a Malayalee residing/ working in Dallas Area, and wish to join WMC Dallas, please send an e-mail to or contact our officials.

WMC Dallas Province Executive Committee - 2006 - 07

Chairman                   Mr. K. George Francis
Vice Chairperson       Mrs. Gemini Anil
President                    Mr. Pramod Nair
Vice President           Mr. Sabu Baby Plathottam
Secretary                    Mr. Aliaskutty Pathrose
Associate Secretary   Mr. Varghese Mathew
Treasurer                   Mr. Philipose Thomas
Youth Secretary        Mr. Tiji Thomas

Committee Members:

Mr. Abraham John
Mr. Babu E. Thomas
Mrs. Madhavi Vellore
Mrs. Shobhana John


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Dallas, Texas

Night picture of Dallas TX home of WMC Dallas Province

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